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Flint's Engineering Portfolio

GBI Bioinformatics class

I taught a 2 week bioinformatics class to 4 individual groups of between 10 and 30 high school, undergraduate, and graduate level students. In order to do so I built a curriculum to take students from having no experience at all with the terminal to a basic understanding of the command line, Amazon Web Services, and a fully annotated chloroplast plastome, including hands on examples and a final report consisting of all the commands and work that they did. This course was broken into 4 segments: 

- The Command Line Tutorial (For Scientists!) (2 modules made up of 4 sections each + a conclusion/test) [!)]

- Amazon Web Services Tutorials (For Scientists)! (2 modules made up of 4 sections each + a conclusion/test) [!]

- Assembly Tutorial (Using a Chloroplast Genome)!  [!]

- Trimming, Filtering, and Genome Size Estimation [,-Filtering,-Genome-Size-Estimation]


The 3rd and 4th groups were given the optional opportunity afterward to fill out a class review without any reward for doing so. Of approximately 50 students between the two classes, 24 opted in and answered (no responses left out):

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 9.40.43 PM.png
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