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Flint's Engineering Portfolio

I am a scientist, engineer, and philosopher on a mission to help one billion people make one value-based decision daily. I believe that if each person identified their current high-priority values (health, responsibility, integrity, etc.) and took one action each day with one of those values in mind, we would have a more compassionate, loving, and efficient world. The projects below may seem eclectic, but each has contributed to a skill set that is supporting my overall mission.

My Engineering (and Life) Philosophy

I have a three-pronged approach to identifying and solving problems.


No serious project can be completed without technical competency. I aim to quickly identify, learn, and implement new technologies.


Emotional & Interpersonal

We overlook the human in engineering. "How would this make you feel?" is just as valuable a question as "Would this make you more efficient?" 



Why are we doing this? I believe in taking moments of silence to question if a project is actually aligned with my values and mission.

Science &

Certain projects are confidential and I can only share certain details about them. Please contact me if you would like more information. 


To give a more holistic view of who I am and what I've done.

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