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Flint's Engineering Portfolio

Athletics and Endurance Races

Currently training for:

- Molokai2Oahu: ~32 mile open ocean paddle race (

- Bay for Breath: ~28 mile open ocean crossing of the Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey (

- Mt. Sill, Tyndall, and Williamson: the next mountains on my journey to summit all of the California fourteeners.

Previously Accomplished:

- 2x Half-Ironman

- Summits of many California mountains (including Mt. Whitney and Mt. Shasta)

- 16 mile open-ocean Waterman Challenge (pictured above)

- "Sharkfest Swims" 2-mile open-ocean sans-wetsuit swim from San Francisco to Sausalito underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

- Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim 60 mile hike of the Grand Canyon 

- Cactus to Clouds trail to the summit of San Jacinto. One of the most vertical day-hikes in the US at ~10,700 feet of climbing over 20 miles.

- Black belt in Kuk Sool Won (now on the board of MACDA, a non-profit foundation established to provide financial aid for youth in Kuk Sool Won)

- Nationally ranked club soccer (#2 club team in USA senior year of high school)

- Year-long surf expedition, surfing close to 100 different waves around the world.

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